Payment Assist


Should you wish to apply for finance to spread the cost of your purchase, the first thing to do is to get a quote from us for the work. Once you have this, complete the online application (below) which takes just a few minutes. We use this information to make a finance application on your behalf with Payment Assist within 24-48 working hours; keep an eye on your e-mail and phone for the link you will receive, which will require some final details from you including date of birth. Please ensure the address submitted to us matches the address your debit card is registered to, or a new application will need to be made which tends to add some delays. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions, you can sign the agreement.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. Quite simply, rather than paying to borrow money from other sources, payment assist allows you to spread your quotation into four equal payments. However, it is worth noting that this type of finance is only applicable to debit cards, not credit cards.

Is a full credit check carried out? For amounts up to £1000, a soft credit check is utilised which has no impact or bearing at all on your credit rating, leaving no footprint on your credit status. For quotations over £1000, a more in depth “normal” credit check will be utilised.

How will I know when payment is due? Payment Assist send out an automated reminder e-mail 7 days before a payment is due, to allow enough time to arrange for sufficient funds to be in the account. If you wish to change the payment date to a different day in the month, Payment Assist can be contacted directly to facilitate this.